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Mobile Web

Ubits has mobile app developers proficient in responsive design concepts, who have successfully applied their HTML5 and CSS3 knowledgeon a number of interesting projects and will be happy to bring mobile power into your enterprise and make your web app iOS-, Android-, BlackBerry-, and Windows-friendly or create a cross-platform mobile solution that will provide the same great UX in all major browsers and across different mobile platforms.

From Cross-Platform Development to Flash-to-HTML5 Mobile Porting

Ubits has responsive design experts and HTML5 development gurus on board to provide first-rate mobile web development services and ensure cross-platform interoperability. Our highly skilled developers will get you the right mobile web solution you need:

HTML5 developmentFlash to HTML5 migration

We design a cross-platform HTML5 web application that performs flawlessly and with style on mobile and tablet screens. Our mobile web development solutions will allow you to target both mobile and web users.

 We make your existing Flash-based solution work on iOS and migrate it to HTML5. Our expert developers will convert Flash to HTML5 for great UX on iOS devices

Mobile Web Development vs. Native App Development:
Choose the Best Option with Ubits

Deciding between cross-platform and native app development requires careful consideration. Ubits has the professional expertise to analyze a business development blueprint from your company’s perspective and help you solve the perplexing issue of mobile web vs. native app development for long-term success. Here are how the options stack up:

Mobile Web


Native app

Mobile web apps depend on the quality of the Internet connection. They are less resource-intensive on local device storage.


Html5 vs Native App Performance

Native apps provide unrivalled performance and give access to native features and hardware features of smartphones and tablets (camera, push notifications, etc.)


Mobile web applications can go live faster than native apps: they exploit the existing code of a web app.



Html5 vs Native App Time-to-Market

It takes a bit longer to reach a similar level of functionality and launch a native app for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, or Windows Phone devices.


 Mobile web solutions usually cost less. The existing web application is usually adapted with the help of HTML5 and CSS3 for different form factors.

Development Costs

Html5 vs Native App Development Costs

Native apps generally require higher input: they are normally developed from scratch and involve profound mobile platform knowledge.


 Mobile web designs don’t have a steep learning curve, since the primary principle is “multiple devices – one code base”.


Html5 vs Native App Maintenance

 Native app support requires platform-dedicated developers to maintain platform-specific solutions.


Mobile web application design is simple and convenient for content consumption and big data management.

User Experience


 Native apps offer feature-rich interactivity with all of its emotional triggers – providing a sense of immediacy, urgency, and intimacy.


 Mobile web solutions require an Internet connection, but offer better opportunities for data sharing and collaboration.



 Data can be stored locally on the devices, which allows the use of native apps in offline mode.


 Mobile web apps do away with fragmentation, even when your target audience has a heterogeneous profile. They also encourage cross-platform mobile app utilization.



 Dedicated native apps for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and Windows 8 OS yield all the potential of the chosen environment – ideal for loyal platform users.


Ubits team will help your company form long-term mobile app requirements, define the key purpose of your mobile solution and its target users, and choose the right implementation option. This lets you meet your expectations, facilitate your business plans, and sidestep inefficient efforts and overruns!

Get in touch with our team and we’ll help you decide which of these two options – mobile web development or native app development – is the right choice for you!