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Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD)

USSD is a technology for transmitting information over the signalling channels of a cellular network that are built into the GSM (Global System for Mobile) standard.

USSD is basically a simple text exchange service that allows one to display menus on a mobile phone, enabling users to interact with these menus. USSD technology is not device-dependent and no special activation is required. USSD can be formatted to specific requirements and is usually implemented for:

Mobile Content Delivery:
USSD is ideal for marketing, information services, system support, business applications, surveys, customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning.

USSD is often used to create a menu-driven ordering system, which is often used by end-users without a mobile internet connection. Menu-selected information is sent by end-users to clients and is updated automatically on client's ordering systems, greatly reducing their data-capture costs and expanding their access.

Ubits USSD subscription services allow end-users to use their mobile device to register or de-register for a service. By making a call, the open session prompts users to select the available subscription options. This application can be used by the service provider to build an attribute database through information which is provided by end-users. The process of subscription can be utilised as legal tender for the registration of billable services.

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