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Ubits Telecoms

Stay Ahead with Ubits Telecoms

Ubits Telecoms (VoIP) service is constantly moving forward. The key to staying ahead is to have access to the latest phone system features as soon they are available, at little or no additional cost. That’s why we’re committed to consistently building the Switchtel feature set.

You don’t have to perform any special maintenance or system upgrades to receive the latest updates. Ubits Telecoms can keep you on top of the latest developments in VoIP PBX technology entirely from remote, starting today with the features listed below.

Dynamic Auto Attendant

Your auto attendant welcomes callers and guides them to the appropriate employee or department. Upload custom greetings through the web, record over the phone, or use our professional voice talents to create a recording for you.

Unified Voice & Fax Messaging

Use a single phone number for both voice and fax calls. All voicemails and fax messages can be sent as attachments to the email addresses of your choice (per extension) or accessed online at any time.

Salesforce & Outlook Integration

UbitsTelecoms has integrated with Salesforce and Outlook to allow you to make calls directly to your contacts from within your CRM or email account. Connect with your contacts or look up a contact on an incoming calls with just one click.

Recorded Calls

Record the calls you receive, whether for employee training purposes or to protect against disputes and misunderstandings. Access recordings online any time, or have them delivered to you as an email attachment.

Voicemail Transcription

UbitsTelecoms brings you the powerful TalkText voicemail-to-text transcription feature. TalkText uses industry-leading voice recognition technology to convert your voicemail messages to text and deliver them to your email or mobile phone. 

Advanced ACD & Call Queue

Choose how your calls are forwarded, including round-robin, simultaneous, least-time, and skills-based distributions. Keep your callers in a queue for a representative during your peak hours instead of losing them to voicemail.

WebLink Interface

Our WebLink Interface gives you online access to call routing features, messages, call reports, account information, and more. Your employees can access their messages and change their personal settings online, as well.

Visual Call Reports

Generate, filter, and export detailed call reports online with easy-to-read spreadsheets and graphs. View the real-time status of your system at any time, including a display of employee login and activity status.

Softphone Software

Use your UbitsTelecom system wherever you go with award-winning softphone solutions from CounterPath. Take your calls and stay connected with your office with features like VoIP presence, contact management, and call traffic history.

Name & Address Capture

Take caller ID to the next level by capturing a caller’s name and address when they call toll free numbers on your service. This capture can be reviewed online at any time, giving your business key information about who is calling you.