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Cost Savings

Unlike a traditional phone system, UbitsTelecom requires no on-site PBX hardware. Your VoIP service is handled by our redundant enterprise servers from remote. In addition to the profound upfront cost savings this presents, hosted VoIP technology enables your phone system to be completely scalable. You can add or remove phones on your system at any time, so you’re sure to only ever pay for what you use.


A VoIP PBX from UbitsTelecoms can help you unite your remote offices and telecommuters with your central office by integrating all locations into a single manageable phone network with detailed call reports. Employees can place, receive, and transfer calls from any location as though they were in the same office.

In-House VoIP Support

Our VoIP support specialists are located in our corporate office in Bryanston, South Africa. Each is rigorously trained and educated to answer your VoIP- or PBX-related questions and assist you in the configuration and operation of your UbitsTelecom VoIP service.