Our Vision

UBitS is committed to making a real contribution to society across Africa.
We provide our customers with high value information-driven solutions that have an
important impact on their effectiveness.
We strive to make a difference.

Our Values

Our company is founded upon a ceaseless work ethic and a formidable winning approach to all that we take on. Whatever the sector, our clients expect high quality, value-added service to solve their essential business challenges – and we always deliver.

Our mission


At UBitS, our mission is to maximize the value of business software investment. We envision being universally recognized as Professional Software Experts in the software consulting industry. UBitS has certain Core Values to which we hold true without compromise in every situation. These values embody the UBitS experience.

They include:
Integrity - At UBitS, we tell the truth. Without integrity, there are no other values.
Professionalism - At UBitS, we believe in doing things a professional way.
Technical Mastery - At UBitS, we maintain mastery of relevant technical skills.
Excellence - At UBitS, we believe in being the best: for our customers, then for ourselves