Payflo Services

What Makes Payflo Different

Our platform gives our clients a reliable digital banking and e-commerce platform connected to the biggest bank on the continent and the bank to connect with diaspora market giving access to millions of online users.

Channel Partner

Payflo allows you to partner with various retail and wholesales clients giving them banking capabilities as a channel partner.

Their branches and merchant shops become Payflo Providers to allow your customers to deposit funds into their bank accounts.


Payflo platform is secure, dynamic and customisable to build convenience for your clients to make it easier for them to transact with suppliers; merchants and customers.

Payflo’s ecosystem provides benefits for clients and both their merchants and consumers downstream.

Online Potal

Payflo enhances community empowerment through promoting trade opportunities on payflo platform by allowing your business clients and their consumers to also interact easily and securely on the portal.

Create Opportunities

Ubits provide quality at unbeatable bargains.

Payflo create opportunities for your clients to enjoy products and services that were out of reach.

Informal Merchants Industry


Payflo provides a banking platform with minimum requirements to on board clients. Clients can now have access to our platform by simply applying through a USSD code or downloading our app from anywhere and everywhere.

  • ±$100BN annual total Market spend
  • ±90% of Informal traders are Unbanked and the transactions are cash
  • ±90% of Stokvel’s have Difficulty trading With Large FMCG’s and service providers As Bank accounts are A requirement

Market Opportunity

    • It is estimated that the informal Merchant market in Africa is valued at about $100 billion per annum and growing around 10% annually. In South African alone Its is also estimated that 86% of Informal traders are foreign nationals, with a considerable number being Zimbabwean. This is one of biggest informal trade industries in South Africa and more than 90% of the transactions are in cash.
    • There are over 800,000 Stokvel’s (informal savings clubs) South Africa and 40% of those are made up of Zimbabwean nationals. This informal savings groups are a R40BN per annum market with limited or no access to formalised financial and banking systems. This makes it very difficult for them to deal with FMCG’s, Service providers and participate in financial services.
    • Our platform provides a unique solution for both suppliers and merchants by providing a digital payment and e-commerce platform. We provide the merchants with a digital platform for stock ordering, stock management, VAS, VAPS and banking. Our system can API into suppliers doing away with manual orders and cash payments. Our Partnership provides an opportunity for our Sponsor bank to have access to profiled Diaspora clients. This also keeps the funds flowing in the sponsor bank where our accounts are held while the clients use digital money.

VAS Integrations

Payflo will provide an API to connect the merchant or the Payflo Approved Android Vending Devices or our merchant App which will enable the merchant branches to: –

    • On-board clients and Open accounts.
    • Sell Financial products and VAS services.
    • Vend Prepaid Airtime, Data, Electricity and Water (Depends on Country and Availability with Networks)
    • Sell Ticketing for buses, flights and hotel bookings.
    • Accept DSTV payments
    • Sports Betting – Money Transfers
    • The merchant will earn money on every product sold The Merchant App will enable most of the above features and more.

Payflo Banking Ecosystem

Our aim is to ensure that customers keep connecting with Payflo by excelling on engagement, quality of service and our ability to transform information into useful services that deliver benefits to customers.

Online Purchases with diverse merchants
Human ATM
Cash In and Cash Out via a person that is registered as an affiliate to Payflo
Virtual Merchandise and its Merchants
Airtime - Data bundles - SMS Bundles - Sim Cards - Electricity Vouchers
Foreign Remittance
Send and receive money across all countries from. Secure, fast and efficient with the lowest transaction fees.
Long and short term insurance
Provide short and long term insurance.
Store of Value
MasterCard - Transfer funds B2B, B2C or C2C - Cash Deposit at FNB, ABSA, Nedbank ATM or Branch - EFT-Human ATM (Cash in / Cash out) - VAS - E-commerce-Short term insurance - Bulk Payments
Affiliate Partner
Affiliate Partners will be given the Payflo platform to sell all Payflo products and services with their brand. A white label solution.
Traders/ Agents Banking capabilities
Enable Traders such as Informal shops, agents on the ground etc. with the capability to receive and send money on behalf of beneficiaries


Let us know which services you’re most interested in and we’ll get in touch with you: